mardi 19 février 2013


I am lucky enough to have been chosen to blog for the this year’s SS13 Bristol Fashion Week, taking place from Monday 18th March. The BFW is set to showcase new Spring / Summer  collections from both luxury and high street brands featured in the Mall, Cribbs Causeway. Providing a platform for the Malls new Season, the anticipated trends include updated pastel colour palette, the return of floral brights and a ‘white-wash’ over hall. Less unpredictably and more excitingly, the inspiration for many collections this season will see the continuation of 50’s glamour, 20’s silhouettes, and a forever cool, vintage Parisian feel. These inspirations were infiltrated into the many AW campaigns, and its success will remain a very prominent feature in Spring / Summer.

Updates expected for Spring / Summer - A bright colour palette, a blend of luxurious fabrics, dropped hems, incredibly feminine silhouettes; hopefully all presented with a refreshing and directional twist.

AND what about men’s style? Incorporating the muted colour palette, a combination of different fabrics and powerful, yet refreshingly ‘fresh’ silhouettes? I am hoping for Mad Mad meets Rock ‘n’ Roll with cool hints of spring. Nevertheless, it is always an awe-inspiring show for me, here are some of my highlights from the BFW SS12 Runway!

Check the website for the BFS here, where you can also find past show photos.

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